makoenergy ‧₊˚✧ ₊˚ 魔晄エナジ
魔晄 (mako) -- the planet's lifeblood and the sum of its living things. it has been condensed into energy so you are able to live comfortably.

added the about page to my Rufus Shinra shrine, posted new buttons & fanlistings to the links page, and updated the blog RSS feed
added the extras page! click the "extras" button to visit. one shrine's layout is finished. main stuff is almost done, yay!
thank you for 10,000 site views!!! site is more responsive on larger & smaller screen resolutions now!
happy new year! finally added the blog page! click the "blog" button to visit.
added a footer and made UI adjustments + i attempted to fix any visual issues that a higher screen resolution might pose
added more cool stuff, like more sound effects and more buttons on the links page! + background image changed
added links page! click the "links" button to visit. + UI adjustments, bug fixes, flash game on about page added
added about me page! click the "about" button to visit.
added sound FX, site is on neocities! hoorah!!
created linkback buttons, completed main page layout :D
exaggerated about how well the progress has been... meanwhile nothing got done today besides the stuff at the bottom. oops.
site creation date! created concept & phone outline, added most elements. what's that? yes, it took all day

☆ welcome 2

wake up, it's still 2007!
welcome to my site- this is a personal project where i, an anon internet chick, can brag about how much i love Final Fantasy 7 and 2000s web design thru code . also, i made the phone outline, which i think is pretty cool
idk what to do with this site just yet, but i do blog about things i find cool. enjoy the chaos in the meantime, & i hope you enjoy your stay ^_^

** this site has autoplaying sound FX and is unfinished!
** coded with Brackets; tested with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. optimized for a 1366x768 screen.

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to do list !

  • fully complete links page
  • complete extras and blog pages
  • join some more webrings/fanlistings
  • add JS sound effects ✔
  • make use of the RSS button.. aka learn RSS ✔
  • create some shrines (laughing) ✔
  • gather site inspo 4 links button
  • me iframes...