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this is your one-stop shop for all things evil, blonde, and presidential, curated by yours truly! i like this guy a normal amount. trust me. also, it's not a coincidence that i created this on President's Day teehee

so, why Rufus Shinra?!

well, every description of FF7 ever says that the Shinra Company is the worst company on the planet, and this guy is the Vice President- he's a jerk, he's a capitalist, and he's got coiffed hair! the three deadly sins! so why's he my favorite character ever? because he's not all that bad.
when i first played FF7, he was like any other antagonist to me. in terms of fictional characters, he wasn't really 'my type', per se, but that changed after i read the light novel On The Way to a Smile. when i tell you this book completely changed how i saw him... man.
without spoiling anything (FYI, this shrine will have FF7 spoilers), i realized that all of Rufus's actions were just him defending himself- he stood completely alone, ignored and treated as less than everyone. so naturally, the moment he finally had the chance to gain worldwide respect and recognition (when he was promoted), he took it. eventually, he did realize that his actions while holding that role were Insanely Not Good and used his power to help "heal the world", as he says at the end of OTWTAS.
Rufus's shift from bad to good was of his own accord and he didn't need anyone's help to shift his views. to me, he was really strong for being able to do that in spite of everything he was going through during the book. underneath his cold exterior, he's a caring person with a desire to do right, and i love him so much

ok but hes still a bad person
Not funny I didn't laugh. Your joke is so bad I would have preferred the joke went over my head and you gave up re-telling me the joke. To be honest this is a horrid attempt at trying to get a laugh out of m

"Tonight marks a new beginning... for Shinra!"

FAQ (FNobody Asked Questions)
how long have you liked this guy? since late 2021. what an embarrassing 3 years
who the heck is Rufus Shinra?
Final Fantasy 7 character and antagonist - VP of the Shinra Company from Before Crisis to FF7, promoted to President during the events of FF7. rich dude with a white suit, a guard dog that i really hate, a killer hair flip, and a shotgun. i would study him under a microscope
do you self-ship?
yyyee.... i mean No